chat, mail, let's stay connected

Just to suggest you all soc students, you really want to stay connected with your awesome mentors and all the community around your projects. It's really makes the difference.

Last weekend I had a chat meeting with mentors, it really helps me to realize how all is going to happen. Specially in my case, where there are several people around and two students with related goals.

Next, when I was working on design issues and I was having doubts about coding standards for classes, irc helped a lot: merlinofchaos, views drupal module rock star, make it all clear :-D

So, if you are working with a FOSS project, do not forget to let all the communication channels open, and all is going to be easier.

BTW, some days ago talking with diegoe(who I forgot to mention, is going to work for Debian project on this Google Summer of Code too), I realize I was just not enough communicative. Anyway it is/was now, I'm going to try improve that.


You're right. Communication is key :)

Broder...eres el futuro!!! gustaría poder entender algo, pero me mariconié y estudié comunicaciones en vez de sitemas, jajaja..