Inside Google summer of code!

This year I'm participating in Google summer of codeTM for drupal! :-D

Inside my project, Version Control API and some family changes, I'm going to improve versioncontrol and make everything needed for a natural pass of drupal VCS from CVS to some distributed VCS.

I'm really interested in VCS's, specially on git, which I'm addicted to. So I'll put all my effort to do it right, and maybe if core developers choice git, make it real my dream :-p

Well, here I started GSoC tag, especially for planet-soc (thanks for the tip merlinofchaos).


Looking forward. My student has a very similar project. We're gonna make drupal projects cooler.

Yeah, I hope we can join forces and make drupal rocks just a little more :p


Thanks for sharing the good news!


PD: Sorry for the abuse of "!" but: !

Git would be a really good choice ;)