A release plan for contributed drupal extensions

tl;dr: Review the plan at the end directly.

Software has a changing nature; Drupal and its extensions are not the exception.
To be useful for a most of the users, those need to be on full releases, not only on the version control system; indeed the problem is not new and there is even a well-known phrase for one of its solutions: release early, release often
Therefore it is important to have a release plan.
Following after some context and reasoning, I propose a couple of practical guidelines on release schedule for contributed drupal extensions that I intend to use: release weekly until stable, then once a month following core shedule.

Re-activating Vote Up/Down

Vote Up/Down is a drupal module that uses Voting API to provide a way to vote.
These notes are about part of the history of the module, and the recent news about it, including a couple of releases!



Drupal Core
Documentation patch[1][2].
Version Control API
Start planning the D8 port, starting with some backends code.[1]
Version Control / Project* integration



Commerce VisaNet Peru
Review guillaumev patches adding some of them and add him as new maintainer for the module[1][2][3][4].
Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2014


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