After DrupalCon Paris 2009

Always I wonder how would be attend a DrupalCon. I used to think about it like a lot of high quality conferences and lots of people talking about their ideas.

Now, that I was in one of them(¡thanks for the scholarship!), I'm completely convinced that it is a lot more than that.

faces instead of nicks

chat, mail, let's stay connected

Just to suggest you all soc students, you really want to stay connected with your awesome mentors and all the community around your projects. It's really makes the difference.

Last weekend I had a chat meeting with mentors, it really helps me to realize how all is going to happen. Specially in my case, where there are several people around and two students with related goals.

Inside Google summer of code!

This year I'm participating in Google summer of codeTM for drupal! :-D

Inside my project, Version Control API and some family changes, I'm going to improve versioncontrol and make everything needed for a natural pass of drupal VCS from CVS to some distributed VCS.


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