After DrupalCon Paris 2009

Always I wonder how would be attend a DrupalCon. I used to think about it like a lot of high quality conferences and lots of people talking about their ideas.

Now, that I was in one of them(¡thanks for the scholarship!), I'm completely convinced that it is a lot more than that.

faces instead of nicks

What I really like about the con was talking directly to a lot of people that you only know by their nicks, and who are "inaccessible" for me: Angie(webchick), Moshe(Moshe Weitzman), Robert(robertDouglass), Charlie(cwgordon7), for example :-)

In the other side, I met people who I did not know their nicks, but they all share the same avocation and they all are open to share ideas.


I met a person who share the same avocation for Git than me, and he also motivate me to follow the Version Control API project, ¡thanks Antoine!(anarcat).

Definitely the confraternity climate inside the con is incomparable.

state of drupal live

I watched to this speech videos many times(DC, Boston, Szeged), where Dries use to make a global review of the project, but to be there in-situ, motivate a lot more, and well Dries is an excellent project leader :D.


It was a little hard to be a volunteer, specially at the beginning, but all really worth the effort. Thanks to all that make possible this excellent DrupalCon.

Specially to the organizers, that really made a lot more than we, and well, I can not avoid mention one person: ¡Thanks Isabell!

The venue where the event took place was amazing. A lot of space, comfort and specially an awesome arquitecture :D

It was interesting to meet many volunteers, it was a pity that we could not take a common photo.

BTW: lisa also wrote about the event :-)


It was inevitable to notice that we were on the city of lights :D. There was no so much time/batteries to visit enough the city, but I could visit at least a little.

the bad thing

With all the awesomeness I was immersed on, the volunteer activities and the external meetings I could not have enough batteries to prepare a session for the BoF about Version Control API and the changes I have done inside my project for the Google Summer of Code 2009.

@Visa: Why it was soooo difficult to get you(3 lost weeks getting/presenting papers).