claws mail moved to git

Some time ago I started maintaining a mirror of Claws mail CVS repository into git.

That is not necessary anymore, the Claws Mail team have made the move to git, so now upstream itself is using git \o/ (git:// and git://
Also notice that they have recently merged core and plugins repositories.

I have just deleted the github repositories corresponding to each CVS repository (claws-mail, claws-mail-plugins and claws-contacts), and disabled the scripts that have been doing the updates.

Claws Mail team, thanks for the move to git!


git for claws mail

Claws-Mail is a MUA, and it's my favourite one :-)

I wanted to make some work on it, but from outside it seems kind of difficult to help such a big code base project. I mean, I using a HEAD version a year ago making it by hand, but since I'm not too close to desktop C/GTK/autotools projects, I felt outside.

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