git for claws mail

Claws-Mail is a MUA, and it's my favourite one :-)

I wanted to make some work on it, but from outside it seems kind of difficult to help such a big code base project. I mean, I using a HEAD version a year ago making it by hand, but since I'm not too close to desktop C/GTK/autotools projects, I felt outside.

So, on these months, I was using a local git repo on top of a cvs checkout to manage the like scripts I made to avoid forgetting my config options at compile time, but also to keep a current proved version while I was installing a new one.

Some time ago, someone comment about making a git clone of the official cvs repo, but time go by.. and finally I make it by myself :-)

It took many hours to make the clone at my bandwith, but it was kind of fast taking in account 8 years of history:

commit a9f3e31786e5590997c780b25cc8a2239fb5fb26
Author: sylpheed-claws
Date: Thu Apr 19 11:57:25 2001 +0000

Initial revision

Then, I got some answers on the mail I wrote to the official user list. And definitely it worth when holger, one of the developers, told me it's useful for him.

My original intentions were make it easy to make development in claws mail and actually force me to not have an excuse to start making patches for it :-p

So, if you want to use these git repos(please note the description: A git clone of the great Claws Mail MUA from the original CVS, it's _not intended_ to be a fork, just to open a new way to make development around it.), take a look at github: