Drupal contribution analyzer
Create an overview diagram and add it to the documentation.
Drupal core
New patches for tar option on file extension views field handler.
Initial patches to document how to make views unit tests.
Prepare/triage some tasks on DOH for the Portland sprint.
Drupal.org customizations
Initial patch and manual testing to make custom varniush interaction depend on varnish module.
Drupal.org BDD
Do not require author date label on individual commit.
Project git instructions.
Report bug and patch to prevent showing empty branch groups.
Version Control API
Several minor fixes on commits 82c6bd0, 7842e8f, e136661.
Added patch for optional tag/branch commit mapping.
Released 7.x-1.0-beta1
Orphaned commits bug patch review.
Version Control API - Git backend
New patch to fix default branch problem and a backport of it to D6.
New version for reposync plugins store tag/commit relations optionally implementation.
Use class constants to define test repository counters.
Released initial D7 version: 7.x-1.0-alpha1
Answered a support request.
Initial patch for better documentation.
Version Control / Project* integration
Second patch on committers bug.
Feedback on a couple of support requests.
Issue summary for Publish release nodes with tag message from corresponding Git tag, creating two related feature issues on other projects: Show git tag message at release node creation and Auto-publishing a release based on the last flag.
D7 port of views file extension tar option.
Views Sparkline
Initial patch for views_sparklines port to D7