A late note about DrupalCon Chicago

I was lucky to receive one of the partial scholarships to attend DrupalCon Chicago 2011. So, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be there!

As any drupalcon I had been part of, the way I feel inside it is just awesome. Actually take almost the whole Sheraton for a week was insane! Let me tell a little bit about my stay there.

Analyzing Drupal 7.0 development history

I tried before to analyze the development of drupal history, and I end up creating a little project to actually track the scripts and other things I am using to do that.

Now that drupal 7.0 is out, I improve a little more those scripts named drupal contribution analyzer, and now I am uploading the results of that.

Analyzing Drupal core commits

Sometime ago I posted about making a codeswarm video for drupal.

Since that time I was trying to improve it, and now I want to publish the new code(python prove me that it's rock solid faster :-p) and I also made some scripts to create lists of two interesting factors: activity by commits and by modified files. And, by the way, I generated tag clouds based on that info!

Version Control API introduction

This was originally intended to be a BoF session at DrupalCon San Francisco, but after talking with Sam(sdboyer) about it it seems to be a better idea to make a little screencast instead.

So, like I mentioned in the post about the drupalCon SF this is my first attempt to start documenting the 6.x-2.x branch version.

I hope this can help people to get inside the code of the versioncontrol module.

DrupalCon San Francisco 2010 or why I love drupal community

The last days has been an incredible experience for me. Let's start at the beginning :-)

I had the luck that my application was one of the chosen to receive a scholarship for travelling to this year first DrupalCon, at San Francisco, California on USA. After dealing with visa stuff(thanks for the letter Cary Gordon!), which was really easier than for France, I was in a ten-hours flight to the Con!

using codeswarm: watch a video about drupal core history

(for the impatient: look at the embed video at the end of the post)

codeswarm is a java project that let you process a version control system log(many are supported) to generate a video that try to make graphics about how the development has happened.

Drupal Camp 2

Este fin de semana será el segundo Drupal Camp que se hace aquí en Lima.

La idea de este evento reunirnos, hablar sobre drupal y hacer algo por drupal :-)

Se ha planeado 6 charlas durante todo el día y una mesa redonda. También habrá espacio para BoF.

Todos invitados!

Podcast de Drupal Perú

Nota: si no te suena Drupal, puedes ver ¿Y qué es drupal?.

Luego de mucho tiempo de procrastinación por fin logramos ponerle un feed decente al podcast que hemos venido haciendo en las reuniones de Drupal Perú. Así que si aún no escuchaste los dos primeros episodios es un buen momento :-)

Pueden acceder al podcast en la siguiente dirección: http://drupalperu.org/podcast

After DrupalCon Paris 2009

Always I wonder how would be attend a DrupalCon. I used to think about it like a lot of high quality conferences and lots of people talking about their ideas.

Now, that I was in one of them(¡thanks for the scholarship!), I'm completely convinced that it is a lot more than that.

faces instead of nicks

Luego de DrupalCon Paris 2009

Siempre me pregunté como sería una DrupalCon. Solía pensar que era un conglomerado de conferencias de alta calidad y muchas personas hablando de ideas.

Ahora, que estuve en una de ellas(¡gracias por el scholarship!), estoy completamente convencido que es mucho más que eso.

caras en vez de nicks


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