Entrevista James Gosling

Acabo de terminar de leer una reciente entrevista a James Gosling, creador del lenguaje Java. Me parecen bastante interesantes sus opiniones, así que les dejo algunos extractos y el link:

Do you believe that an open source development model is inherently better for security?
Oh yeah. Because it's the only way that you can come to trust a piece of software. Security is a very different kind of thing to test because in security you're not trying to test that the thing you built works. You have to do that but you have to figure out--are there any cracks? Are there any flaws at the design level? And there aren't automated testing techniques [for that]. There's nothing that replaces somebody putting on a black hat and saying, "OK, I'm gonna try to break you." And then they do.

Do you think we'll see more use of open source in the enterprise as time goes on?
Yeah. It's sort of gotten to the point where it's hard to imagine people using more because so much already is [used]--everything from open source operating systems to databases to programming languages to development tools. It's getting to the point where there's not much left. There are some areas like large-scale databases and ERP [where] there aren't any really serious open source ERP solutions. They're getting there.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to maintain its dominance in the enterprise?
They're going to be dominant on enterprise desktops for a long time. They really have a stranglehold there. Part of me finds that rather mysterious given that everyone's complaining about things like security, and "you gotta keep your antivirus up-to-date." It's like, why are we using a machine that needs antivirus software? I don't understand why anyone would run Outlook, for example.

Será un motivo para que algunas personas se pregunten si incluir software libre aunque sea como una opción de uso... espero que sí.


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